What is in the Bag?

Every month you receive My Doggie Bag filled with 3 types of the most delicious treats your dog could wish for. You receive one treat bag which contains a treat that is suitable for every life stage of your dog, is totally fat free and can be broken into small training bites.

Your dog will go crazy over them. Teaching an old dog new tricks or a puppy some basic behaviour rules becomes a breeze. This treat will remain the same every month so you and your dog can count on this. 

The second treat is for chewing, gum health and the general crunch effect. Dogs love texture in food.
This treat will change every month to give your dogs variety and excitement. The third element in your treat bag are chews that keep your dog occupied for a little bit longer, providing mental stimulation and saving your table legs.


When does the bag arrive?

We post your doggie bags on the first wednesday of every month. The cut off date for orders is the 29th of each month and orders received after the cut off date will be processed the following month. 


How do you get your paws on My doggie bag?

  1. Paw the Subscribe tab.
  2. Choose a bag size. 
  3. Let us know where to send it to and a few details about your dog.

Now it shouldnt be long for the doorbell to ring.  Bark! Enjoy


What if I have more than one dog?

Just fill another subscription so we can have all the needed details.


Your subscription will automatically renew every month on your joining date.

In order to cancel future deliveries and membership, we require the cancellation to be completed by you before your next signup anniversary payment. Failure to cancel within this 30 day time frame may result in you incurring a charge for your next Delivery. At this point, no refund policy applies. For more info see our Terms and Conditions

What if My doggie bag is late?

Now there you are, you have been waiting for the doorbell to ring, your dog is getting rather antsy and the treat bag has only crumbs left.
Follow these steps:

  • Give it another day just in case the courier is late.
  • Still no bag in sight, please ring the courier with your tracking number to sniff out the problem.
  • Should the bag still not arrive, send us an email so we can follow up with the courier company.
  • We are always happy to make things right.


My Doggie Bag ships only within New Zealand.